We can ensure your technology solutions are implemented correctly and are compliant with designs and standards so all systems integrate seamlessly and securely together.

IT Integration & Support

Our IT integration and support services are director led with a focus on ensuring your IT infrastructure operates securely and reliably under varying customer, staff, and business partner service demands.

Having been involved in some of Australia's largest and most complex IT environments, we understand technology alone is not the answer.  People, process and technology are essential components for resilient and available IT services.

We work with business managers to translate information availability, security, response time and capacity requirements into IT infrastructure, application, and network functional and non-functional requirements.  We work with technical specialists to analyse requirements and architect solutions to satisfy information, security, technology and applications requirements. We work with operations staff to provide the required support for the day-to-day management of applications, systems, and networks.

Black Swan Group provides short- or long-term contractors and support staff with specialist security and IT skills.

We can also assist with incident response, patching and system hardening, system monitoring, log consolidation, change management, and other operational aspects of IT lifecycle management.