Our consultants are certified to the highest levels including CREST, CISSP, SSCP, CISM, CGEIT and others.

Penetration Testing

We designed our security testing services to discover various ways to compromise your company's security controls – just like a cyberattacker would - in order to obtain confidential information, access to unauthorised services, or to damage an IT system that denies service to legitimate, authorised users. We are experts in researching who the attackers are, what they're after, and how they'll attack you.  And we use many of the same tools and methods as criminal hackers if they were to attack you.

Our penetration testing services are designed to determine whether your security posture can withstand an intrusion attempt from a malicious cyber attacker.  Our pen test report shows you how applications and systems were breached and provides advice and recommendations to remediate any weaknesses found.

Our security testing objective is to evaluate the application, operating system, and network configuration and controls regime, discover and document weaknesses, and make recommendations for improvement.  We can also help with remediation strategies and cybersecurity program development.

Black Swan Group pen tests are performed by highly qualified and experienced security professionals using premium tools and best practice methodologies. Our pen tests identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for remediation that help you prioritise IT security spending.

Beyond security test results and recommendations, the real value of the Black Swan Group approach is working with you to identify the operational deficiencies in your environment that allow the vulnerabilities to exist in the first place. We can help identify deficiencies in security policy, operating systems and application patching, system hardening, security architecture, and systems administration processes. We understand IT from end to end and by using root cause analysis for the existence of vulnerabilities, we can pinpoint problem areas and develop actionable remediation activities for sustainable improvement.

To address the small-to-medium-business need for effective and affordable protection against cyber risk, our fixed price penetration testing packages are designed to help you quickly assess your risks and prioritise the necessary steps to protect data and systems. Download fact sheet here

Black Swan Group are experts in remediation services such as operating system and applications patching, hardening, configuration management, and other risk reduction operational processes. Should you need help with your remediation strategies or hands-on administration and configuration, contact us.