Specially developed cyber solutions for small-to-medium businesses

Security Packages for Mid-size Companies

With the move to the cloud and increased Internet connectivity with customers and business partners, many companies are targets of cybercriminals, certainly by chance through automated malware, other times by direct attack.  The need for strong cybersecurity measures is now greater than its ever been.

To address the need of mid-size companies for both effective and affordable protection against cyber risk, Black Swan Group offers a range of fixed-price security packages. Based on international cybersecurity best practices, yet customised and tailored to the budgets and IT systems of a small or mid-size businesses, our fixed price security packages cover key cybersecurity areas.

Packages which assess your current state, prioritise your consequent security risks and potential impacts, and provide a road map of improvement measures include:

  1. Chief Security Officer as a Service
  2. Cybersecurity Assessment
  3. Penetration Testing
  4. Firewall Health Check

Packages which provide cybersecurity policies and frameworks to establish necessary foundations to manage cybersecurity risks include:

  1. Information Security Policy
  2. Security Architecture Zone Model
  3. Incident Response Plan
  4. Australian Privacy Principles-compliant Privacy Policy

Black Swan Group can also deliver services fully customised to your organisation’s needs and provide the appropriate level of advisory and technical support to cost-effectively implement all your security practices and technologies.

Fixed Price Packages Overview

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Cybersecurity Assessment

Cyberattacks are successful because current defensive strategies are not well suited to mitigating the highly sophisticated attacks by today's cybercriminal.  Only by understanding how an adversary will go about attacking you can you generate a robust set of strategies and tactics for cybersecurity protection, detection, response and recovery. Our US NIST-based cybersecurity assessment is designed to identify gaps in your security capability, recommend practical steps to protect data and systems, and how to respond and recover from a cyberattack incident. Download the Black Swan Group Cybersecurity Assessment Jun16.

Penetration Testing

Black Swan Group pen tests are performed by highly qualified and experienced security professionals using premium tools and best practice methodologies. Our pen tests identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for remediation that help you prioritise IT security spending. Unlike some providers with narrower skill sets and experience, we can provide you with full end-to-end cybersecurity advice to identify the deficient operational practices that allowed the vulnerability to exist in the first place. Download the Black Swan Group Penetration Testing Packages Jun16.

Chief Security Officer as a Service (CSOaaS)

Cybersecurity risk has become a hot topic within corporate C-suites and boardrooms and it’s easy to see why. Recent high profile cases prove that a cyber breach can shatter a company’s reputation, draw criticism from shareholders, and result in negative media attention and lawsuits. Attacks are becoming commonplace in industries and businesses that may not seem obvious targets.  Black Swan Group’s CSOasS now makes it possible for mid-sized businesses to access high-level cyber risk skills without hiring a full-time person. CSOaaS can provide you with a principal cybersecurity specialist on an as-needed basis, one or two days per week, or for as long as required.  Download the Black Swan Group CSOaaS Jun16.

Firewall Health Check

Firewalls are a critical first line of perimeter defence for every organisation connected to the Internet. As you adopt new web and ecommerce services, firewalls become more complex. Hundreds of rules accumulate, the firewall slows downs, and a single erroneous rule can have serious consequences for your Internet security.  Our firewall health check is designed to identify gaps in your firewall performance and recommend steps to protect data, optimise firewall performance and adhere to compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS.  Our firewall engineers are certified in Palo Alto, Check Point, Fortinet, Cisco, and other vendors. Download the Black Swan Group Firewall Health Check Jun16.

Incident Response Plan

Information security incidents can occur at any time of the day or night and often require an immediate response. Our incident response plan allows for incident management in a rapid and coordinated manner and provides guidelines and detailed procedures to support your security incident response capability. Download the Black Swan Group Incident Response Plan Jun16.

Information Security Policy

Your company’s sensitive information and IT systems are accessed by employees, contractors, and external service providers and must be protected from inappropriate use, modification, loss or disclosure. An information security policy establishes the required control objectives for effectively protecting your company’s information and IT systems. A well-written information security policy allows for flexibility in its implementation, freeing companies from constraining requirements and an excessive “security lock-down mode” of operations. Download the Black Swan Group Information Security Policy Jun16.

Security Architecture Zone Model

A Security Architecture Zone Model provides the framework for the secure architectural placement of the primary IT service functions to process information used by internal and external users. An effective security architecture model is based on strategies such as least privilege, defence in depth, diversity of defence, choke point and systems segmentation, where concentric layers of protection dramatically increase the difficulty of exploitation. These strategies provide multiple and diverse protection barriers that an attacker must penetrate one at a time, decreasing the likelihood of a successful cyberattack, while at the same time increasing opportunity for the business to detect attack activity. Download the Black Swan Group Security Architecture Zone Model Jun16.

Privacy Policy

The Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) are legally binding principles and the cornerstone of the privacy protection framework in Australia. The APPs set out standards, rights and obligations for businesses in relation to their handling, holding, accessing and correcting personal information - one requirement being is a clear and up-to-date Privacy Policy. A well-written Privacy Policy ensures compliance with the APPs, is tailored to your specific information handling practices, and avoids unnecessary length and complexity. Download the Black Swan Group Privacy Policy Jun16.