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Black Swan Group is an independent provider of cybersecurity consulting and technical services.

We help business and technology executives make informed security improvement decisions. Cybersecurity Consulting

We can help you find out how cyberattackers could breach your applications and systems. Penetration Testing

Create concentric layers of network protection through security architecture. Security Architecture

Short & long-term IT contractors and support staff with specialist security and IT skills. IT Integration & Support

Essential fixed-price security solutions designed for mid-sized companies. Security Packages


Black Swan Group helps public and private organisations reduce their cybersecurity risks.

Founded in 2010, our reach extends across Australia and Asia Pacific.

We bring value to every engagement by focusing on your most critical risks, actively engaging with your key stakeholders and applying our experience and skills to find practical, effective ways to reduce your business risk.

Our clients leverage the knowledge and hands-on experience the Black Swan Group team has gained over the years to develop effective cybersecurity risk management strategies that are aligned with assets at risk, business objectives, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and industry standards.

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